Sound Cocoon 

for two

With heart opening Cacao Elixir

As you step into the space you will be greeted and welcomed exactly as you are.

Step into the building allowing the day to drift away

Settling onto your mat in a room filled with candles lit with intention, fairy lights and beautiful scents to support your spiritual body.

Wearing your most comfortable clothes, you will be nice and cosy covered in a blanket and guided through a grounding meditation. 

This will allow you to soften and surrender into this time you have taken for yourself. 

Promoting deep rest and relaxation

Leading into a relaxing soundscape of gentle rain, crystal singing bowls, Peter Hess therapeutic singing bowls, chimes and fen gong resonances, that fill the room with healing frequencies.

After your session you won’t be rushed out the door there will be space to bathe in stillness. Be served a fresh fruit platter to enjoy with a warm cup of ceremonial cacao.

Everything is provided for this luxe experience

90-minute duration 

✨ This experience is for two people

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