Doula Offerings

Nurturing the Nurturer


To be empowered, in yourself, your inner knowing, your instincts, your truth, is where I believe change happens. An empowered person can stand in their truth and authenticity, rock solid. To feel strong in themselves and reclaim birth, motherhood and all aspects of one’s life.

As your Doula, I will walk beside you, reminding you of your strength, your wisdom, your power. Because you have all the answers within.


Safety is something I am extremely mindful and passionate about. For if we don’t feel safe, in our space, in our bodies, with those we surround ourselves with, it can create havoc on our nervous system and potentially bring forth past trauma. My promise to you is to create an environment where you feel safe and held. Safe to express freely and vulnerably, safe to speak your truth and be authentically you.


I am here for you. To nurture you. This time in your life is so sacred. My role as a Doula is to Mother the Mother during this time. I will be there through the thick and the thin. Whatever you want my support to look like. Offering you practices to assist you along the journey, such as breathing and embodiment practices, rituals, holding your hand, being that shoulder to cry on, or that phone call of reassurance. I am here to support you.

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