Seduce the Mundane

Experience the divinity of pure love and presence

Anchor in ceremony of devotion to self

Be witnessed and celebrated in full presence of those closest to you

Bring ritual & reverence to our human experience 

A personalised day of celebration for:

Initiation of Rites of Passage –

Mother Blessings

Mother to Maga

Maga to Crone

(first menstrual cycle)

And perfect for:


Hen’s parties

Baby blessings


Your Sacred Ceremony will include:

Creation of Sacred Space

Cleansing and clearing with Sacred Smoke blends selected with intention from LuLani Moon.  These herbal blends and incense are handcrafted from the heart-space with deep reverence to Mother Earth

Altar creation- intuitively chosen flowers and foliage, crystal grid, incorporation of Mother Earth’s five elements, candles, statues or symbols representing the celebration

Comforts- pillows, rugs, tapestry, salt lamp 

Oracle card guidance

  • A gateway for reflection and messages to be received

Guided meditation and visualisation

  • Personalised meditation created to anchor into the energy and blessings this ceremony intends to bring 

Grounding practices

  • Re-centre and connect with Mother Earth’s energy as she holds us through this ceremony

Heart opening Cacao

  • Take in heart opening cacao infused with mantras
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced ceremonial grade Cacao infused with Mantras and love
  • Nourishing and warm elixir for you and your guests to enjoy during the ceremony, opening our Hearts and connection to Source

Carved space for you and your Sisters

  • To share openly and organically with one-another

Sound bath

  • Bathe in healing frequencies as they transmute stagnancy and flow through you

Activate your creative energy through an activity of choice

Smudge stick weaving
  • A mixture of powerful plant and herbal allies to support you and your Sisters
Affirmation card creation
  • Thoughtful statements and creation dedicated to you
Beaded crystal necklace
  • Each Sister selects a crystal that they resonate with, interweaving intention for you to have to wear and keep forever

Homemade gluten free and vegan nourishment

  • Warm comforting main meal
  • Organic fruit and raw dessert platter to share

Organic herbal tea blends

  • Remain well refreshed during the blessing as we more energy through the body 


The ceremony can last between 2-4 hours depending on the size of the gathering and space allowed for connection and stillness


Packages start from $650

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